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Amanda Chay, the founder of Wonderment, offers a radically different approach for teaching stress reduction and mindfulness that doesn’t involve scare tactics and the strict adoption of routines. 

Instead, she helps you create small positive tools that stick to better manage what life brings to you, so your body will keep humming along the way it was designed to.

From here, you’ll reap the benefits of decreased chronic stress and illness, greater ability to focus, and boosted energy to do what you want in life.


And from there, you can do anything!

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Seeking a training that boosts productivity,  minimizes energy-zapping stress and frees people to work smarter?


Seeking a retreat to level up your group or team's professional and personal growth while shifting mindsets?


Seeking a speaker who can challenge key behaviors to motivate for positive change

There is a way,

and that's the Wonderment of it all...

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