Wonderment Brings the Benefits of Stress Reduction, Mindfulness, and Health to Organizations

At Wonderment, our training programs give everyone from top-level to sales staff and even frontline employees the skills and tools to take responsibility in nurturing their own health.


Investing in a health program benefits the bottom line because it boosts productivity by minimizing energy-zapping stress and freeing people to work smarter, not harder.


Most of us know the steps to take to live healthier lives. But so few of us break free of personal habits that prevent actual change. 


As just having this knowledge is not enough to make lasting changes. 

The Brooks Group Training

This Is Where Wonderment Comes In

Reinforcing Positive Habits that come from Simple, Practical Actions

At Wonderment, our training provides: 

  • The tools and insight that inspire and encourage growth, 

  • Encouraging personal responsibility for positive changes, 

  • Setting small practices that start a positive momentum for other healthy changes.  

Benefits to Your Team 

High Return-on-Investment

Every dollar invested in employee development has an even higher return in performance. The key is prevention.


Increased Resilience

Higher concentration and performance results from employees who know how to deal with pressure and tension.

Reduced Costs

Mindful employees reduce company costs through lowered absenteeism and healthcare expenditures. 

Improved Teamwork

Stronger relationships and clearer communication are fostered by happier, healthier employees.


Strengthened Employee Loyalty

By showing that you care about your employee's well-being, morale is boosted and turnover goes down.

Most Popular Training Offerings
Stress Management & Mindfulness

Check out this client case study from an orthopedic company that experienced great strides in their team's health across a 4-month span.

  • Decreased high levels of stress by 65%

  • Increased exercise levels by 30%

  • Grew quality sleep by 20% 

Zimmer Biomet Practicing Mindfulness

Rich, Director of Operations

The whole team enjoyed learning about the many dimensions that make up total wellness. Amanda is not only very knowledgeable, but she’s also a great facilitator who gets everyone involved, and the information she shares is something we can use every day to make our lives better!

Jess, Director of Operations

(Wonderment) offered a team training for our staff and we only had a certain amount of time to work with but Amanda was amazing and flexible. Our staff was able to really connect on the topic and we were able to translate the content of that training into our everyday work. I highly recommend Wonderment.

Michelle, Operations Manager

Our employees have gained much more than expected during the training! Healthier and happier employees means the world to the owner and makes each one feel more connected to the team. 

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