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Our Retreats

A retreat is an exploration combining professional growth, clearing away of mental and emotional clutter, and a shifting mindset. It’s a moving experience where deep thinking and even deeper connections are the primary focus to positively impact your team, their productivity and their overall outlook on health and life.


Most of us rarely make time for big-picture thinking and reflection, but being strategic (versus reactionary) is what sets the highest-achieving teams apart. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity to being successful and sustainable.

Physicians on a CME Retreat in Belize

Decrease Stress & Increase Productivity &

Healthy Behaviors  with Your Team

At business meetings and conferences, you face a jammed packed agenda. You sit through endless PowerPoint presentations and sacrifice your health by eating (and drinking) way more than usual, sleeping less, and letting your batteries drain low. Burning the candle at both ends is a surefire way to burnout, and you return back exhausted and not ready to face the buckets of work waiting for you.


There is a better way to combine learning and growth without harm to well-being and productivity. This is through a customized retreat.


I’ll get into the nitty-gritty on your team’s needs, dive into current challenges, and develop actionable items that foster peak performance. In the end, you’ll notice a growth in team bonds, boosted company morale, and enhanced overall satisfaction.

Creating a healthier, happier team that is made up of more intuitive,

productive, and less stressed people.

Your Retreat Architect

Like a trusted friend who has your back, I support your team through the whole life-changing experience.


Working together, we make the retreat stress-free, memorable, and fun for all involved.

I can craft and lead the entire retreat or provide a component of the broader retreat that involves ways to boost energy, grow creativity, and maintain a positive outlook while continuing to nurture team health.

You will return to work with fresh energy and a sharpened purpose. Probably even ask yourself, ‘why oh’ why didn’t I do this before?’


Yeah, it’s that kind of retreat!

Why Collaborate with Wonderment on a Retreat?

With more than 15 years of experience backing impactful training and retreats, Wonderment provides a Retreat Architect to guide your team towards: 


  • Offering a way to educate outside the typical work environment to expand minds, foster creativity, and find unique solutions to work challenges.

  • Adding in some adventure to the retreat will get the blood pumping and minds moving in a positive direction.

  • Creating a space between the learning is where true magic often happens at a retreat. It’s when people can quiet their minds, process the daily information, and decompress.

  • Crafting physical and mental excursions and activities that stimulate personal and professional growth. 

In essence, Wonderment utilizes principles backed by scientific evidence alongside skill enhancement for building greater team health, stress management, and rejuvenating energy now and in the future.

Happy Retreat Collaboration

Lucy H., co- founder of WellBalanced Nutrition

"As a registered dietitian, nature-lover, and wellness enthusiast, our recent retreat in Costa Rica is probably the best business investment I’ve made so far! It’s not always easy to invest in ourselves, but in just one week of wellness travel with Amanda from Wonderment. I felt transformed from the inside out!"

If you are ready to finally unplug to boost business growth, improve your team’s health, and expand your company’s vision in the process, Wonderment can take you there.

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Wahoo-let's do this retreat thing!

Costa Rican Retreat 

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