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Costa Rica Retreat

About Wonderment

You likely know a business is only as strong as the weakest employee. It’s no surprise that ‘doing business as usual’ costs corporate America billions in lost revenue, and continues to reap negative health consequences for all team members.

At Wonderment, I understand what it means to live a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle, and what ultimately happens when we don’t. 

My radically different approach to teaching stress management and mindfulness works. It’s an idea whose time has come.

Keeping your team whole, happily productive, and infused with health isn’t my goal…


It’s my laser-focused mission!


An active company that builds health, heart, & mind!

About Amanda, The Founder

My passion is to inspire others to make positive changes in their health.


Because I learned the hard way. 

I looked like someone who had it all – a loving family, a good career, and a dedication to fitness. Whether playing collegiate sports, running triathlons, or working until I was exhausted, I thought success was earned by pushing myself harder for longer.


Turns out, I was wrong. My poor lifestyle choices were damaging my body, and in 2013 I was diagnosed with a painful autoimmune disease that changed my life.


I thought my body had let me down. Then I realized it was the opposite:  I had been letting my body down, and it finally caught up with me.


Your workplace may suffer from the same traps.   


When I was a director of sales, I was responsible for hiring, training, and motivating my team. I was under constant pressure to get them to sell more and perform at peak levels while using antiquated tools of “encouragement.”

But the more I demanded, the more my team’s health and performance suffered.

I recognized that there had to be a better way to motivate and strengthen employees and sales teams without hurting their health and productivity. Methods that didn’t involve scare tactics and additional stress; ways that could reward businesses and their employees for years to come. 

I reflected on the wellness tools I had developed through 20 years as a group fitness instructor and certified yoga instructor. I remembered my Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training from Duke University and Master's degree in Counseling. 

Then I realized—the same knowledge and tools I had used to improve my own health could also be used to nurture my team!

With Wonderment, you and your team can take the journey to more profound health… and a better bottom line.

Look, we all know what we should do to improve our lives and work—eat less, exercise and sleep more, reduce our stress—yet this knowledge isn’t enough to evoke lasting change.

That’s where Wonderment comes in. I synthesize information into actionable steps that reap personal and business dividends. 

  • Break down barriers to implementation

  • Teach proven tactics that are simple and repeatable

At Wonderment, I offer science-backed solutions that aren’t temporary fads or fluff. I guide organizations like yours to make health a priority, so it increases the bottom line.

Through my training and leadership and board retreats, organizations of all sizes have lower healthcare costs, curtailed losses from absenteeism, and even reduced accident rates.


Perhaps most importantly, I’ve seen time and time again that when organizations invest in wellness, they see a sustainable rise in their team’s health, peak performance, and positive energy.

That’s the Wonderment of it All!


"I went on the Costa Rica retreat hoping to improve my health. But I left with vastly more. I learned how to listen to myself, nourish my soul, and set aside time to take truly relax. For this, I’m forever grateful!”

Deb C.

Wonderment's Manifesto

We must take responsibility for the health we’ve created as it restores us from today and readies us for tomorrow. 

Health and happiness are essential values that rely on each other for growth.


To reach happiness, we need to find and align with our purpose in this world. 


Creating positive life-lasting changes need not be too costly or time-consuming.  

Change demands courage and pushing outside comfort zones, even when it’s scary.

A life well-lived is the greatest pursuit of all!

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