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Stress Affects Sales Performance

Develop a more resilient and productive sales

team while better managing their stress 

Image by Austin Distel

Heavy loads of negative, workplace-related stress are driving 30% of sales reps to leave their jobs (1). And the average cost of replacing a rep is $115,000 (2).


If your sales leaders and reps are not managing stress appropriately, you could be losing both your skilled sales reps to new opportunities while also losing revenue as a company, and increasing your costs.


With the right training focused on stress management techniques, your sales team will stay intact longer and will have the ability to function more successfully. 

As every revenue leader knows, the strength, stability, and consistency of your sales force critically impact the success of your organization. 

How Wonderment Increases Resilience & Performance

I cultivate tools and strategies in your sales leaders and your reps by teaching them how to: 

  • Eliminate distractions, 

  • Boost energy and productivity,

  • Better manage their time,

  • Enhance communication skills.

This is offered through an on-site sales leadership and sales rep training program. Focusing on the science of stress, time management, productivity, enhancing communication, and mindfulness. 

I'm Amanda Chay. I went from being a stressed sales
rep to a calmer, more balanced salesperson.

In the end, the strength and longevity of your sales force will ultimately determine the success of your organization. Let’s work together to make stress work as a positive for your sales team to drive performance even higher. 

Results for Your Sales Team 

Team work

Reduced Turnover

Retain current sales members and hone their skillset, versus having to hire and train yet another rep. 

Increased Resilience

Higher success and performance results from sales reps who know how to deal with the pressure from their profession.

Boosted Loyalty

Sales reps who are less stressed are more likely to be successful and stay in their job for longer

Growth Potential 

Tap into deeper job effectiveness and strengthen selling ability, while cultivating a positive mindset.

Conflict Resolution

Gain a sense of calm when handling difficult clients and when resolving stressful situations 

Sales Leaders & Sales Teams Training

Wonderments sales training consists of two approaches to understanding stress management:

the science of stress and time management. 

Science of Stress

Learn More >

Pipetting Samples

Learn how the protective effects of good stress help reps meet sales challenges in a more effective manner. 

Time Management

Learn More >

Old-Fashioned Clock

Learn how to prioritize the stress that naturally occurs in the sales environment and make small changes to work routines in order to enhance deeper productivity. 

Stress Reduction Training Format

This interactive sales training combines research-based learning with hands-on techniques that challenge the attendees to reprogram their ways of operating in the face of stress. Real-life sales scenarios are weaved throughout the entire program with the goal of gaining the tools and understanding necessary to better manage negative stressors.

Sales reps will boost their self-reliance and time management skills. Leaders will gain an understanding of simple, tactical ways to support their sales team.

Training Objectives

  • Reduce the effects of negative thinking on decision-making

  • Communicate more effectively with team members and clients

  • Employ simple breathing techniques to increase mental focus and to reduce negative stress

  • Strengthen the ability to focus the mind and to be more productive amidst distractions

Wonderment can show you how to make sales-related stress work as a positive multiplier towards the empowerment and retention of your sales team.

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