A Customized Team Retreat

What if you could reduce stress, improve your quality of life, and strengthen your team just by taking the right kind of business trip?

This was the challenged posed to Well Balanced Nutrition, a Durham-based nutrition practice, and they gladly accepted. Their wellness retreat was held in Costa Rica in 2019.

The definition of a wellness retreat is traveling intentionally to grow your health and well-being. Rather than confining learning to a conference room, wellness travel incorporates planned healthy activities directly into the meeting agenda.

Activities that include moving the body and clearing the mind, time to relax and recharge, as well as providing nourishing healthy food options. Thus, creating opportunities for promoting teamwork and enhancing creativity, while supporting the growth of overall health.

Wellness travel includes the following daily components for travelers: • Exercising in different manners, ( think of hiking in the forest, gentle yoga at sunset, and/or body weight strength training) • Meals that are healthy, delicious, and made with local food, • Opportunities to expand your knowledge personally and professionally, • Cultural immersion with the locals to learn about their way of life and their country.

At Well-Balanced Nutrition, they optimized their physical and emotional health with excursions and hands-on activities that created a lasting impact long after the trip was completed. This was created with stress-reduction techniques and mindfulness training to help the team stay focused on the present.

They improved team their communication with trust-building exercises that took them out outside the office and into the Costa Rican paradise. Demonstrated by cutting down sugar cane and grinding it up into a fresh drink, rappelling down waterfalls, and sharing stories over dinner.

As a group, Well Balanced Nutrition had time to relax and recharge by taking in the beautiful views right in front of them from a hammock or while soaking in the thermal hot springs that were heated to 100 degrees by an active volcano.

Finally, Well Balanced Nutrition was able to fully customize how they wanted their retreat to look based upon the needs of their team and the abilities of the group. For them, this meant time to provide education around meal preparation, mindful eating, and how to eat healthy while in a foreign country.

Business Benefits

By investing back in your team by choosing to offer travel-based education and sales trainings, you’re demonstrating a commitment to their well-being both inside and outside of the office while strengthening the overall business.

Additional benefits to organizations and teams include:

• Renewed energy and drive for performance • A more intuitive and productive team • Aligned team focus • Boosted morale and loyalty to the business • Enhanced creativity for thinking outside the box • Strengthened company culture that can keep and attract great talent.

If you are wondering how such a trip with Wonderment can help you grow, let us tell you more. The benefits of a wellness retreat that is hand-crafted for your team includes:

1    Stress-Free Planning All aspects of