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Are You Ready to Throw Away Your Workaholic Badge?

Today, we have a guest post from Marcey Rader, who is a talented productivity and health coach, speaker, and author. Marcey believes that staying healthy and productive takes knowledge, support, and genuine behavior changes. She has both the experience and knowledge to guide individuals and businesses along this journey of change.

Similar to my experience, Marcey understands that the physical and mental push to excel comes at a price to one’s body. In particular, we both suffer from auto-immune diseases and have made significant changes on our lifelong journey to wellness. Below are Marcey’s words for those entrepreneur workaholics who are needing to take a real vacation for all the benefits listed below.

Enough already people. Take a vacation!

Project: Time Off discovered half of Americans leave vacation time on the table. If you’re a W2 employee, you’re donating work time to your employer. If you’re a business owner, it’s even worse. A study by Funding Circle found that even major holidays involved work even though the owner planned to take it off.

You are a liability to your company and yourself. It hurts companies more to have to pay out vacation in cash than to have their employee take the time. It also hurts them in productivity, creativity, and engagement at work. Seventy-five percent of HR Professionals report that employees who use their vacation perform better than those who don’t.

If you own your business, you need that time to rest, recharge, and get outside of the daily grind. Didn’t you go into business to be your own boss? Well, Boss Lady and Boss Man, be a smart leader and force yourself to get away.

Not convinced? Do I really need to tell you that employees coming back from vacation note increased creativity and problem-solving? That business owners are happier and more jazzed about their business when they get back and have less burn-out?

Your business or your company will be better for it.

A day here and there isn’t going to give you the full benefits of an extended vacation. While staycations can help you get caught up on home tasks and a nice massage at your local studio, it can’t give you the mind-blowing-creativity-boosting-full-on-restoration that a real vacation out of your element can.

Marcey Rader: Wellness Travel

I own my own business and for the last five years, have taken at least two weeks entirely disconnected each year and for the previous three years, have taken clients on private retreats to Huatulco, Mexico where we Work Well and Play More! All of them have been business owners, with the fear of missing clients or opportunities. We set very clear work communication boundaries, and out of the six clients who have gone, all six returned to their business, relaxed, psyched up and ready to go with oodles of new ideas you can’t get staring at your office walls.

I’m expanding this year and will be partnering with Wonderment Travel for a group retreat in Costa Rica in August. A guided tour with no responsibilities other than to show up and have an open mind. Try new things to get out of your comfort zone. Eat foods that you can’t pronounce. Jump off of something that seems too high. The risk isn’t in the doing, the risk is in not doing.

Marcey Rader: Not. Like. The Others. Sure, an accomplished corporate climber, entrepreneur, coach, and speaker. Yes, founder of the Work Well. Play More!® Institute. Indeed, the best-selling author of three books and creator of an online course. And yep, regularly featured in lifestyle and training media outlets.

Marcey hearts healthy, balanced productivity and want you to join her on your journey to professional greatness.


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