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Health and Success Go Hand in Hand

Lebron James knows the importance his health plays in his career. Daily, he prioritizes rest, recovery, and his well-being over anything else. He also invests $1.5 million back in his health and fitness annually. It’s no surprise that Lebron repeatedly reaps accolades based on these actions. He is a prime example of why you should prioritize your health to achieve more success.

Some may argue that Lebron’s role as a professional athlete demands that he keep his body in top shape for peak performance. I would counter this by saying that Lebron spends a lot of money on himself because he understands how extremely vital it is for his peak performance. 

The good news is that you can make your health work to your advantage as well. While you might not have the disposable income to go to such extreme health measures as Lebron, you can make amp up what you do and tap into more success. Your health is a multiplier to all the success you seek in life! It’s the ‘thing’ that is stopping you from achieving more and can be just the ‘thing to propel you forward. 

Comes Down to Faulty Thinking

Too often we hold a mistaken belief about our health. The misconception goes like this: once we are successful, then we will make our health a priority. At this time, we will stop working so many hours. We will begin to eat better. We will do more fun things that serve no other purpose than to bring us happiness. We’ll finally learn how to relax and enjoy life.

Most of us leave our health as an afterthought. We don’t worry about it until it becomes an issue that we can longer ignore. Unfortunately, it’s extremely challenging, if not impossible, to turn back the clocks towards better health at this time. All the money in the world cannot buy back your health when you are ‘successful.’ It’s just too late. By continuing to hold onto this fallacy, you’re causing yourself significant harm personally and professionally.

Importance of Poor Health

Our nation and our people are not well. Chronic stress is at an epidemic level for all genders and ages. The American Heart Association reports that roughly half of “U.S. adults have high blood pressure, heart disease, or a history of stroke.” Also, our culture reinforces unhealthy lifestyles.

When we hold onto views that undermine the importance of prioritizing our health, everything in life suffers, from physical health to relationships to the quality of work produced. You’re not able to reach your full potential and are limited in your ability to achieve. Being unhealthy stops you from getting what you want from life due to strain on the body and the mind. Stress and anxiety strengthen; sleeplessness becomes a commonplace; headaches and other physical ailments dominate. Without good health, you lack the motivation and the energy needed to do the things you love to do, plus complete the tasks needed to be done. 

Those who Lead with Health

Those who are deeply successful in life invest heavily back in their health. You only need to look to super successful entrepreneurs Sara Blakely, Tony Robbins, and Arianna Huffington to see this at play. Sara just pushed herself outside her comfort zone with massive swimming, hiking, and biking in the Swiss Alps. Tony has a healthy morning routine that allows him to be energized, focused, and clear on his goals. Arianna tapped into newfound health after her excessive work lifestyle caused to collapse from exhaustion. 

If you’re leading by prioritizing your health, you will reap a multitude of benefits here. A sampling of these includes decreased stress and illness, greater ability to focus, and boosted productivity. Good health allows you to have both the ability and energy to tackle the challenges in life. Research provides evidence for the link between healthy habits to achievements. The more that healthy habits are adopted, the higher the level of success achieved. You’ll miss fewer days of work and be more productive and motivated. Plus, you will be around longer to enjoy life with those you love.

 “The health of the people is really the foundation which all their happiness and their powers as a state depend.” -Benjamin Disraeli

For those who feel that have lost their well-being, have no fear. Deeper health is within your control given that you allow the time to learn these concepts and dedication to implement them into your life consistently. By making tiny changes to our lives, it’s easier for us to be healthy, thus we transform our lives personally and professionally. Ultimately, we can do this as our health is under our control!

The importance of prioritizing your health can’t be overstated as it is so closely tied to success. Success in life starts with good health and healthy habits and it starts with you.

To learn more about how to prioritize your health through a workshop or training, contact us today.


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